​There are times when long arm quilters want to lock the position of their sewing head. The lock restricts movement from side to side or front to back; allowing you to run horizontal or vertical basting and grid lines.

Usually this is achieved through a mechanical clamp or screw.  Although effective this invariably means you always seem to have to go around to the other side of the machine to make changes.

Our channel locks work by using electro-magnets to clamp the sewing unit to either the carriage or the frame.  And because our locks use radio controlled unit they can be actuated from just about anywhere.  These after market electric channel, or axis locks, were designed for the ABM Innova to replace the mechanical screw locks supplied.

We supply two very powerful electro-magnets fitted to sturdy aluminum brackets to hold the sewing machine steady when activated.  We couple this with a wireless receiver, and power supply all mounted on a plate that can fit onto the carriage assembly, along with two wireless remote control units; one for the front and one for the back of the machine.

Additionally, we supply the steel plates.  These are bolted to the carriage and the rear frame (with the supplied bolts) to give the magnets somewhere 'solid' to clamp.

This is a kit of components that needs to be assembled to the machine. We provide all the necessary tools with clear instructions.​  We describe how you can fit the channel locks without an extra power cord but if you prefer we can optionally supply a 10ft flexible power cord or one to the length that you need.

If you have a different machine then we will be pleased to adapt the channel locks to suit your machine - if it is possible.   

​Our current price for this is at $400.00 plus $55.00 for shipping and handling.  This amount could be adjusted based on the make of your machine and any additional items that will be needed.  If you are interested please email me or call.

 Electronic Channel Locks

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